Kelfit Lifestyle has been changing lives for the past 10 years and our Kelfit plans are a front runner in the weight loss industry.

This plan is based on a moderate carbohydrate and protein, low-fat approach and we work the plan out to suit your age, weight, height, and activity level.


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THE KELFIT LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE is all done online- no matter where you are based!

We create lifestyle eating plans to suit each specific individual according to likes and needs as well as a training program (should you require one).

🎯 Kelfit is a LIFESTYLE-based plan. The principles of Kelfit are based on clean eating, proper nutrition, and pre-planned cheat meals once a week.

🎯 Kelfit Lifestyle works whether you exercise or not!

🎯You will stay in touch via email for questions, with bi-weekly weigh in’s every 2 weeks on the silver package with a chart which we will provide you with points of measure to do in your home.

🎯Progress pictures are done every 4, 8, and 12 weeks and if your plan needs tweaking along the way this will be done by one of our qualified coaches.

🎯KELFIT teaches you everything you need to know about healthy eating, drinks, fats, exercise, what to eat when eating out, traveling, how to make food interesting, and more!

🎯The plan includes your diet, your training program (for home or the gym), questions, weekly updates as well as support should you need it.

Packages can be paid off in 2,3,4 installments via debit order, (add 15% interest) email

Our Platinum Package includes:

  • Personalized diet plan to suit your goals and needs as well as your personalized training plan to suit time, goals, and needs
  • A full Kelfit manual to help and guide you along your journey
  • Access to the Kelfit Facebook group for support, motivation, tips
  • Goal setting and additional life coaching element
  • Access to your coach on WhatsApp
  • This package includes more personalized one on one coaching or support on email, WhatsApp, goal setting, weekly adjustments, and settings
  • This is for people who want to take their bodies to the next level or competition coaching



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