These innocent devils can pack a punch at 12g carbs. A sachet sugar based cappuccino has the same calories as two slices of bread and a large cappuccino from a restaurant has 3 slices of bread equivalent.

So next time you have a cappuccino have it as a treat/ cheat on the weekends.

The Hug in a Mugg skinny cappuccino is the best bet with only 6g carbs.

And the Nescafé packet cappuccino has 6g carbs 3G fat and 60 calories. So if you want to use your milk allowance and have one of these in your eating window as a treat you can BUT not if you’re going for 🥇

When I order coffee from restaurants I order an americano with hot frothy almond milk or fatfree milk 🥛

Even an almond milk cappuccino is most times made with sweetened almond milk(you can check with them) and contains 60-150 calories.

Unsweetened soy and oat milk also an option for people who enjoy that taste.

If it’s something you can’t live without do the Hug in a mug skinny, Nescafé unsweetened or almond milk cappuccino using Blue Diamond Almonds South Africa the best alternative milk around 👏