Let’s talk about self acceptance and self love.

Self love is the biggest part of your journey. You need to learn to love YOU. At your biggest and at your thinnest. If you can’t learn to love yourself NOW exactly as you are, you won’t love yourself 10 or 20 years thinner.

Most people don’t know this about me. I have spent the most part of my life hating my body and myself.

I was an overweight child and was horribly teased all throughout my childhood. I have been called every name under the sun, from fatty boomsticks to Kellyphant, and had all the fat jokes used on me. Childhood bullying left so many scars on me and it was not something I could easily fix. There were two years of my schooling where I had no friends at all!

It’s probably taken me a multitude of events and healing tools to get over all of it but I am finally at a place in my life where I love myself and know my worth.

Anyone that has ever been in the same position as me will understand how these events can scar you for life.

How did I heal?

🙏I started taking care of myself -12 years ago I turned my life around, got into fitness and started going to gym. Gym has been a massive outlet for me and has literally helped heal me. The sisterhood and friendships you make in the industry are fantastic & have all helped with my healing.

🙏 I read the book called The Secret. The secret is an amazing book with lessons on how to turn your frequencies into positive ones, so that more positive things start happening to you. I live my life by these principles (as well as the principles of the main book of all- The Bible)

🙏I became a mother and realized I didn’t want my girls ever having body issues like I did. Being a mom has healed me and taught me so so much about how we should speak to children, especially girls! And what I say around them! I never mention the word “diet”

🙏I became a coach – becoming a lifestyle, diet and fitness coach has helped me to help ladies all over the world in a similar position and teach women that they are valued and loved just the way they are. And teaching them how to take care of their bodies and mental wellbeing.

🙏I saw a life coach. It was really life changing for me! She helped me heal in so many ways!

The best investment ever.

🙏 I started watching every thought and word I spoke. I changed the negatives to positives and I still have to correct myself from time to time. If you keep saying “I’m fat” or “I’m ugly” then you will be!!!! Working on yourself is daily work! Make sure you do the work for self care and self love.