Often clients will say “Please tell me how I can lose fat in my arms, or in my tummy….?”

Spot reduction refers to the claim that fat in a certain area of the body can be targeted for reduction through exercise of specific muscles in that desired area.

For example, exercising the abdominal muscles in an effort to lose weight in or around one’s midsection/ Tummy area..

The short answer is no- you can’t choose where you want to lose weight….sadly!!!!

The targeted fat loss, often reffered to as spot reducing,is not possible and there’s no solid scientific evidence to suggest that you can burn fat on specific areas of your body. …

Building strong abdominal (abs) muscles will not give you a 6-pack either if those muscles are hiding behind body fat.

SO….it comes down to your genetics, we all lose fat in certain areas first, I for eg loose fat in my stomach and breasts and arms last, I tend to get very lean on my legs first.

The secret is to just persevere and keep going…

Time, patience and consistency.

You need to lose the fat over the abs first!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do core work. Core is very important for your strength and long term health of your spine.

For fat loss you need to be eating the right foods to fuel your body and with fat loss your abs will start to show!